• After his entry, an alien has generally 1 year to file for asylum. Some exceptions apply.
• Establishing a claim for asylum requires proving that you would be persecuted upon return to your home country on the account of either your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or because you belong to a particular social group.
• If you have permanent residency or were offered permanent residency in any other country, then you would be barred from receiving asylum.


• Our job would be to prepare the application for you. You would provide us any supporting evidence. I will provide guidance on what type of evidence may be helpful, but it would be your responsibility to provide any evidence helpful in your case. I would conduct the legal and country conditions research.
• 150 days after filing your application, you may apply for your work authorization. It takes about 90 days to process this.
•We would prepare you for the interview in Florida and represent you there. If the asylum officer approves your case, you will have asylum status in the United States. If your case is refused, it will be referred to an immigration judge where you can request a review of your asylum case. If the judge denies your case, a removal order will be entered against you if you do not have any other lawful immigration status at the time. You may appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. This whole process is likely to take years.
•Our attorney’s fee is normally $6,000, plus $500 in costs. This includes preparing and filing your case, preparing you for the interview and attending your interview in Florida. If your case is refused and goes to a judge, then additional fees will be incurred.
• Upon being hired, I will be able to open a file and provide you a checklist of documents and also spend the necessary time with you in gathering your evidence.

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