Join as an individual member and demonstrate your commitment to best practice and professionalism.

For over the years we are developing professionals recognized in the industry. Whether you are an individual working within an in-house team, or an independent consultant managing your own micro-business, it provides you with the recognition that you are a professional and updated practitioner that adheres to the highest professional standards.

Independent contractors and freelancers

We understand the challenges of working for yourself, so we provide you with the ready-made network to support you in your role, and the tools to support your micro-business.

Win new business –  Independent consultants and freelancers can join our network and can get new business. You are also invited to attend group training sessions and will have access to bespoke online webinars. Training will include how to best use and get the most out of the platform; how to build your own personal brand and top tips on how to both win and retain new work.

Grow your network – We host many learning and networking events designed specifically for our individual members. We also have a dedicated Peer group and Network of professionals

Individual professional development  – Our independent consultant and freelance members are encouraged to complete personal development trainings through the various method of learning and development so deliver value to industry and follows. It will enhance your reputation in front of clients and within the industry. 

Networking opportunities 

Training and development opportunities 

Opportunities to meet professionals of high caliber

Internal events will bring you the opportunity to travel and learn and explore comparative propositions across the globe.

Speaking, training and facilitation opportunities – we are partners with various networks and communities of professional, independent, or specialist public speakers and trainers. We are working to develop a specialist group of speakers. This service is completely free of charge for you and is a great visibility opportunity as well as the potential to earn money from speaking engagements. 

 If you have any questions, please contact us.

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