“Where we develop the women with a belief that it is the most precious asset of this universe.”

Global Women Foundation aims at bringing change in women development. We believe women are future leaders as the ratio of women vs men is drastically getting higher and women have to prepare themselves for leading the world. Women are our respect and should be dealt with care and respect. Women living in a developing country is not less than misery. A woman is a victim of Abortion, parents abort the female baby based on cultural pressure. A woman cannot decide about basic things of her life, right to study, right to do the job and the most important choice a right life partner with whom she is going to live her life. In terms of physical protection, she cannot come out of home by herself alone, and if she comes, the man chasing her, stare and disturb as a usual matter, It can go to harassment and extreme case to killing. She is not safe on-road and inside home. She doesn’t have access to justice, health, and education with basic amenities.

Our objective is to strive to get full right of exercising their free will for marriage, divorce, choosing her preferences of life without force. We can make a difference to just start talking about it. It will be a great help for those have suffered, still suffering and will keep suffering, if we do not invest in women.  Let’s join our hands to bring change by using legislation, rule and regulations done in the developed country equipped with the latest technology to help and develop women, the most precious thing in the world. We are striving to create projects which will generate job opportunities for women, great access to health opportunities, and most important is education at the doorstep.

Influencing policymakers for women supportive legislation

Policymaking is a very important and strategic step to generate change in recognising the need for legislation and rearranging and allocating resources, which can be spent on creating infrastructure related to women education, health, and justice, Our objective is to approach the governments and relevant ministries and discuss the ways we can facilitate them to pass legal laws, rules, regulation and directives.

Rights of Women

Society demands the rights of women to be established and we strive to ensure that all women have all defined rights at her doorstep. Discrimination should be eliminated with the right legislation and execution by relevant ministries. To get protection, study, work and social and economic rights are our key area of focus.

Invest in projects for women jobs creation

We believe in creating an investment opportunity for investors focusing on women’s development rather than providing them for charity. Women are required for skilled jobs related to various sectors and expanding the industries and generating the projects is our core aim. We are focusing on creating such projects across the globe where we can create employment opportunities for women.

Invest through in women education to achieve free women education by creating school & universities projects

A society can not grow until women do not stand should by should with man to be economically effective and efficient. Women’s education is the need of the hour as the population of women is growing with tremendous speed in contrast with men. Jobs and businesses require more female working professional and economy need entrepreneurs to create self-employment cycle. therefore it’s necessary that women should be educated with the best available resource. Our aim is to make sure in all developing country women education is FREE and available at the doorstep.

Investing in women health to achieve free healthcare by creating health projects

A healthy woman is a core for a healthy family. We need to make sure that women have access to the most update health facilities. We strive to negotiate with governments to ensure that they are making sure that women have government-funded health facilitates. We ensure that Health facilities are approved through legislation and executed through relevant ministries.

Invent in women entrepreneurship incubation & start-ups

Women entrepreneurs are very important and can be very significant in creating a societal impact. A successful businesswoman can create further employment and can support herself and family. We are aiming at women entrepreneurship by delivering training and workshop to support and develop women as future business leaders. We will ensure that the government has created enough entrepreneurship centres where business plans, loan and grants and full assistance is available along with FREE training to develop the entrepreneurship skills.

Invest in women & child protection centers

Women in developing countries are not considered as safe, therefore as a part of governance, it is very important that women should be protected by creating women protection centres, with the latest 5-star facilities. We aim to make sure that every country has women protection centres with all facilities so they feel safe.

Invest in elderly care homes

Old women’s care is very important as it shows the integrity and grace of the community and overall society, how we care and love our old assets in terms of women. We aim at promoting the concept of old women care homes in developing countries to make sure that the old woman is in safe hands and place with all necessities of life.

Ensuring the rights of women through strong effective justice system through hi-tech app solutions at doorstep

Justice in society is very important and is a base of peace and stability of the community. Women are the victim of Injustice in the shape of right and resources denial, rapes and physical tortures, and social and corporate rights are hard to get in developing countries. We aim to develop system and provide governments innovative solutions which can bring justice to a woman at her doorstep FREE of Cost through legislative rights and execution by relevant ministries.