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Our global network has hug expertise to advise you on matters related to tax, audit & assurance, consulting, Internal and external risk advisory, US GAAP and IFRS reporting, corporate restructuring, and micro and macro business, financial and non-financial advisory solutions. We cover all the latest trends of business including blockchain, cloud, IOT, wealth management, legal advisory, forensic auditing and accounting, supply chain management, Human resources, operation efficiencies and effective, ISO and quality management.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • We have firms in over 60 countries.
  • Our member’s firms are highly reputable in the country of operations
  • Our member firms have the best business locations to reach to the right size of clients.
  • We are across the globe Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Far East.
  • Our member’s firms have the best human resources and global talent
  • We have the world’s best software for our member’s advisory and guidance. 
  • We have regular meetings and training for value sharing, exchanging and 
  • Our customer database is from micro to macro businesses, private and public sectors.


We believe to adapt the latest technologies, updates from industry and regulators and stay informed with forward-thinking to be at the top. 

Quality Assurance:

We make sure that firms have a full focus on bringing quality at the work with the tune at the top targeting strategic and operational matters. We have full quality control review program that ensures that all member firms has best practices frameworks and necessary resources to keep them at the top.


Leadership at the top is our focus as it transforms in all the levels, We provide global leadership to keep you at top of the world.

Grow your business with our prestigious network. An ideal member for our network should be as follows, 

  1. You are a license organization in your country and in full compliance with regulators
  2. You are qualified and trained for the main activity of your business 
  3. You have high integrity and the best morale of the business. 
  4. You are eager to learn and develop your organization. 
  5. You are willing to adopt the best practices globally accepted standards in your profession.

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