CMA is an American Certification awarded by Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) U.S. IMA has Mutual recognition agreement with
• ICWA (Institute of Cost & Works Accountant) India for 100% Exam Exemptions (the course takes generally 3 years to finish).
• CGA (Canada) advanced entry level for CGA Program.

Who can do?

Anyone who has completed a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or pursuing his/her degree is eligible to sit for the CMA Exam. Please note that ACCA members do not need to be graduate in order to get their CMA designations.

What is the Course Outline?

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and AnalyticsPart 2: Strategic Financial Management
• External Financial Reporting Decisions 15%
• Cost Management 15%
• Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting 20%
• Performance Management 20%
• Internal Controls 15%
• Technology and Analytics (15%)
• Financial Statement Analysis 20%
• Investment Decisions 10%
• Corporate Finance 20%
• Decision Analysis 25%
• Risk Management 10%
• Professional Ethics 15%

What is the Exam Format?

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance and Control Part 2: Financial Decision Making
100 Multiple-Choice Questions and Two Essay Questions 100 Multiple-Choice Questions and Two Essay Questions

• You can take exams in any sequence
• Exams are scaled, based on their respective difficulty, to scores ranging from 0 to 500 to maintain uniformity and consistency regardless of the number of items present on your particular test form.
• You need a 360 to pass, but note that, because of statistical equating, a scaled score of 360 does not necessarily convert to a 72%. A candidate with a more difficult test might only score 68% of the total points available and still wind up with a passing scaled score of 360.

What is the Exam Duration?

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance and Control Part 2: Financial Decision Making
4 hours 4 hours

What is the Exam Dates?

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance and Control Part 2: Financial Decision Making
Exams are offered in yearly 3 exam windows:
1. January – February
2. May – June
3. September – October

Any date in these months you can choose based on your time management.

What is the Exam Fee?

1. IMA Membership Fee: $245 (An annual fee – professional member).
2. CMA Entrance Fee: $250 (A one-off fee)
3. CMA Examination Fee: $415 per part (The registration fee for the exam)

Where are the Exam Location?

Exams are administered through the worldwide network of Prometric Testing Centers. To locate a Testing Center and to schedule exam appointments, visit

What are the study options available?

Live Online:
Run at your location for more time efficiency for you and your employees.
Self study:
Where you can’t come to Campus for study and wish to have distance learning option
On Campus:
1) Batch Option:
Weekend & Weekdays Options.
2) One to one Option:
You & Exclusive Trainer for you. Highly interactive.

What is Study Live Online?

This Live Online CMA (USA) session will be focused on curriculum of CMA (USA) training program. Join this Online classes from anywhere in the world.

  • Interactive whiteboarding capabilities with Virtual classroom.
  • You have better opportunities to concentrate.
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • You can customize your learning environment.
  • You can review course materials repeatedly.
  • Save whiteboarding sessions with recording option.
  • Multiple ways to communicate with your professor
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • You’ll develop great self-discipline

What are the Languages I can study?

Language: English

Dr. Musa Shaikh

Dr. Musa Shaikh is a Policy Advisor & Investment banker, a personal advisor for H H Khalifa Al Hamad, presently heading Berkeley Middle East holding as a Group CEO. Read More..

Language: Arabic

Khulood Shaban

تعلم CMA باللغة العربية من المدربة المؤهلة خلود شعبان، خلود تدرب دورة ال CMA منذ بضعة سنوات و هناك أكثر من 32 طالبا مؤهلا تحت اسمها . اسلوبها في التدريس سيجعلك تنجح من المحاولة الأولى ، أشعر بالفرق من خلال أخذ حصة معها في الامارات العربية المتحدة.

What is the self-study package?

Where you can’t come to campus for study and wish to have distance learning option. It includes Berkeley lecture videos, Lecture slides & Online support.

What do our students say?

CMA (USA) Qualified from Berkeley Middle East:

Rizwan Ahmed (CMA)
Neha Mundra (CMA)
Ahmed Al Shateri (CMA)
Raquel Embudo(CMA)
Omang Thakar (CMA)
Jameel (CMA)
Najia Mahboob (CMA)
Khulood Mohammad Shaban (CMA)
Jefferson (CMA)
Gift Magage (CMA)
Srinivas Mulukutla (CMA)
Lailah Libay (CMA)

CMA (USA) – Learning in Progress:

Ahmed Khan
Ahmad Aamir Muhammad
Ghulam Sarwar Rathore
Sayed Abdul Khader
Andrew Michael Pinto
Mohsin Javed
Oozeer Beebee Nushreen
Nadeem Anwar
Muhammad Usman
Ahmed Ali
Nassir Luay Shawqe Etout
Vijith Susantha
Jeni Roy George
Bernie Flores
Sandeep Kumar
Bharat Manglani
Waleed Ibrahim
Suchithra J. Monteiro
Muhammad Yousuf
Mohammad Asif
Dina Rozario
Suriya Kumari
Abdullah Nasir Al Hourah

Where are most of our students from?

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