Tier 1 Visa

Tier 1 visa applications can be made in the following circumstances.  Please note that since 29 March 2019 the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa scheme has been replaced by the UK Innovator visa scheme and since 6 July 2019 the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme has been replaced by the Start-Up visa scheme. A tier 1 investor can gain entry based on investment funds of £2 million to invest.  In addition, a small number of people can come under the Tier 1 exceptional talent visa category.  


Tier 2 Visa for Skilled Workers

The Tier 2 visa allows skilled workers to enter the UK on a long term basis to fill a skilled job vacancy; including in a wide range of skilled occupations including in IT, accountancy, teaching, and healthcare. The occupation needs to be on the Tier 2 occupation list the Codes of Practice for Skilled Workers.


Tier 4 Student Visas

UK Tier 4 Student Visa and Short Stay Visas

Tier 4 student visas allow people from outside of the European Economic Area to enter the UK as a student, usually either at a school, college, or university. In order to apply for a Tier 4 student visa you will need to have Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) at a UK educational institution that holds a valid Tier 4 sponsorship license. The option to enter the UK on a Prospective Student visa ended in October 2013.


Tier 5 Visa for Temporary Workers

Tier 5 Visa Overview

The Tier 5 visa allows entry to work in the UK in a number of different circumstances, such as for charity workers, entertainers, diplomatic staff, and sportspeople. Most Tier 5 workers need a job offer from a licensed Tier 5 sponsor in the UK, but people from one of the small number of Countries whose nationals can come under the Youth Mobility Scheme can gain entry without a job offer.


UK Innovator Visa

UK Innovator Visa Overview and Eligibility

The UK Innovator Visa is a UK visa category usually for experienced businesspeople to set up an innovative business.  The investment requirement is £50,000 and you need to be endorsed by an endorsing body. Because of the endorsement requirement, this visa may be difficult to come under at the moment.


UK Start Up Visa

Overview and Eligibility

The UK Start Up Visa is a new visa category that will replace the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa program.  Because of the endorsement requirement this visa may be difficult to come under at the moment.


UK Sole Representative of an overseas business visa

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa is designed primarily to allow senior executives and managers of an overseas company to enter the UK in order to set up the company’s first UK office, branch, or subsidiary.  The representative cannot own more than fifty percent of the business and the main business should remain outside the UK.  The UK business area should be in a similar area of business as the overseas business, and the overseas business outside the UK should in practice probably be much larger than the proposed UK business.


UK Visitor Visas

UK Visitor Visas allow people to enter the UK for short periods for leisure, to engage in limited business activities, or simply to travel through the Uk en route to elsewhere. This section has 3 pages:


UK Family Visas

If you are an individual intending to immigrate to the UK with your family, workpermit.com can help. This guide will give you an overview of the main options available before you discuss the details of your position with one of our professional advisers.


UK Entry Clearance Guide

Entry clearance is the technical description for obtaining a UK visa. This guide is divided into the sub categories:

  1. UK Entry clearance for visitors
  2. UK Entry clearance for Tier 2 Visa Applicants
  3. UK Entry clearance for the dependants of Tier 2 Visa Applicants
  4. UK Entry clearance for Tier 1 Investors, Tier 1 Entrepreneurs, and their dependants
  5. UK Entry clearance for Representatives of an Overseas Business
  6. Applications

EU, EEA and Swiss Nationals Working in the UK

EU nationals, Swiss nationals and EEA nationals have a right to live and work in the United Kingdom. This is called a right of residence. If you are not sure if you are an EEA national, please see the full list on our Who needs a UK Tier 2 visa or other type of visa? page. 


UK Immigration Law Services

We offer a full range of Immigration Law services to our Clients. Our experienced team provides you with realistic and honest advice specifically tailored to your situation. We have a very well-trained faculty of immigration law experts who offer sound advice based on years of experience.