What is the apprenticeship?

  • The Berkeleyme Global Apprenticeship is a Level 4 Higher apprenticeship in Public Relations.
  • It is a real job, in a real consultancy, or real in-house team.
  • As a Higher Apprentice you will learn on-the-job, picking up skills and experience from colleagues and mentors, while also studying for a nationally, and industry recognised accreditation. 

The Programme

  • The programme is the Berkeleyme Global and Communications Assistant Standard, from which you can get a Level 4 Qualification.
  • The programme lasts for 12-18 months.
  • It is nationally- and industry-recognised.
  • It’s the same as any other apprenticeship in that you learn on-the-job, whilst earning a wage, and studying.
  • Of the five working days of the week, you will have one to ‘study’ and complete your theoretic assessments.
  • To guide you in this, you will get an assessor that will be your ‘tutor’ for the duration of the apprenticeship. He/she will set and mark your work throughout the course, and have regular tutorials with you.
  • Towards the programme close, you will complete an end-point-assessment which includes a project and a final presentation.
  • The units on the qualification are accompanied with training courses Berkeleyme Global offer to support knowledge and understanding.

The Qualification

  • A Level 4 Diploma is a Higher Apprenticeship.
  • It is the equivalent to a Foundation degree.
  • The qualification consists of a series of projects which assist apprentices to compile relevant evidence from the workplace.
  • Successful apprentices will have demonstrated excellent writing and communication skills, along with enthusiasm and a desire to work in Public Relations.

The Berkeleyme Global Apprenticeship offers many benefits, including:

  • Earn money, get qualified, gain experience
  • An excellent alternative to university
  • Receive relevant and specific training in many key areas of public relations
  • Gain a nationally and industry recognised Berkeleyme Global qualification
  • Receive support during training
  • Access to Berkeleyme Global’s learning resources
  • Expert training from the Berkeleyme Global through webinars and face to face training
  • Membership with the leading industry body for Berkeleyme Global and Communications professionals